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Bottle liner production process

Pulling processIngredientsMeltingBlowingannealingWashing bottleDryEdge trimmingUpper linerStopper asbestosPull bottomPipe loadingSealCoolingWashing bottlePlate with silverDryExhaustScour temperatureTestBoxing

Waist-fitting processIngredientsMeltingBlowingannealingTail endEdge trimmingCut the waistUpper inner bottleStopper asbestosWaist connectionSealCoolingWashing bottlePlate with silverDryExhaustScour temperatureTestBoxing

Production process of plastic shell

Mixed ingredientsBlendAdditive colorCompression type { ①TubePrinting, ②Sharp, ③Lifting ring cover, ④Lid, ⑤Foundation }Combination

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